Composite products and applications

A large variety of products and applications 

By using the filament winding technology we are able to design and manufacture applications for all most every purpose as long as the application is hollow. All we need you to do is to inform us about what the application is going to be used for and how it is integrated and our engineers takes it on from there. If you need us to design end-caps or fittings to be mounted into the application either by on-gluing or by bolt joinings, we just need you to provide us with any necessary details and again; we take it on from there.  





GFR Pressure vessels and spools

We design, engineer and manufacture GFR pressure vessels according to customer demands. We have a standard program for pressure vessels from PN10 and up until PN300.

Pressure vessels


GFR Pressure tubes and pipes 

We design, engineer and manufacture thin walled GFR pressure tubes and pipes from PN6 and up until PN100. 

Pressure Tubes and Pipes


Hydrogen vessels, Suspensions and Flywheels for the Automotive industry

We design, engineer and manufacture high pressure vessels for among others the automotive industry with demands for withstanding inside working pressure at 700 bars and burst pressure at 1.700 bars. Carbon fiber Supensions and Flywheels with demands for accuracy and narrow tolerances is a growing business.

Automotive industry


Spacers, Blade Roots and Tip-Shafts for wind turbines

We design, engineer and manufacture couplings for critical areas in wind turbines such as the coupling between the gearbox and the generator, blade roots and carbon fiber shafts for tip brakes. 

Wind power


Weight reducing applications for the General industry

Our light weight composites make it possible to carry out machining processes at high speed across great positioning ranges.

General Industry


Lightweight Shafts and Masts for Nautic, Marine & Naval

Low vibration and low noise level of the drive train makes our carbon fiber shafts especially suitable for use in yachts, cruise- and naval ships as well as ferries. 

Nautic, Marine & Naval 


Composite materials for Architecture, Building and Construction 

Our light weight composite materials expand the limits of traditional materials and can be used both for getting a critical job done as well as for implementing a highly visual impression.

Architecture, Building and Construction


Pressing, Moulding and Vacumm infusion

We design, engineer and manufacture a various number of carbon fiber plates, discs, panels, fenders by using either pressing, moulding or vacuum infusion. 

Pressing, Moulding & Vacuum Infusion


Lightweight structures for the Defence, Aerospace & Space industries

We design, engineer and manufacture lightweight carbon fiber structures for the aerospace industry for achievement of substantial energy savings in air crafts while simultaneously increasing performance. 

Defence, Space & Aerospace