Who we are and what we do

Leading manufacturer of strong, light and resistant composite solutions

Falck Schmidt Advanced Composite Engineering A/S is a Danish company with more than 25 years of experience in designing, engineering and manufacturing composite solutions mainly by using filament winding technology. We are 100% owned by Falck Schmidt Defence Systems A/S headquatered in Odense and within the Falck Schmidt Group more than 125 skillful designers, engineers, manufacturing and assembly teams are employed.  



More than 25 years of experience 

Falck Schmidt Advanced Composite Engineering A/S is situated in Fredericia, Denmark and  within our 5.000 m2 premisses we have a manufacturing area of 3.000 m2 fully covered by cranes. We have more than 25 years of experience especially in filament winding technology and have our own design, calculation & drawing departments. We manufacture and supply a variety of composite applications on a daily basis to the water treatment industry, wind industry, off shore, defence industry, space industry, aerospace industry, marine, naval, nautic, architecture, paper & plastic industry and the food & beverage industries - Products & applications

Filament winding technology

The foundation of our technological manufacturing process is the combination of resin systems and fiber materials such as carbon, glass, basalt, aromatic polymid into a composite. This process is not only a fundamental principle in nature, but is also practiced in lightweight design. The result is a large variety of high-end composite applications with optimized characteristics, providing industry composite constructions with outstanding characteristics - What is composites

In-house composite manufacturing know-how

  • Filament winding.
  • Vacuum infusion.
  • Wet layup bagging vacuum.
  • Hand layup.
  • Plate pressing.
  • Mould pressing.

Technical capabilities

  • Own developed composite calculation program "Composite Oracle".
  • Solid Edge 3D CAD
  • Machining (lathing).
  • Surface treatments (resin, lacquer, paint, etc.).
  • On-gluing of metal parts and end caps.
  • Clean room bonding and testing facility (ISO class 8; DS/EN ISO 14644-1).
  • Ultra Sound scanning.
  • In-side pressure testing (>1.000 bar).
  • Bending testing (up until 50 kN).
  • Full documentation.