Falck Schmidt ACE rewarded with a  from the Danish Working Enviroment Authority  

Falck Schmidt ACE has been highly rewarded from the Danish Working Enviroment Authority (Arbejdstilsynet®) for many years of working thoroughly with Health & Safety and Mental Working Enviroment. (type "Falck Schmidt ACE" in the 3rd box from the bottom)




Food Approval

Falck Schmidt ACE maintain a Food Approval from the Danish Food Administration under FKM 22.20.00.A. in order to supply the Food & Beverage industry, Water Treatment industri and the Filtration industry with application to be used in direct contact with media. All raw materials used for manufacturing food contact applications are registered on the EU-list.




Migration Test

Falck Schmidt ACE conduct regulary migrations test (EN 1186) at the accredited lab EUROFINS Product Testing A/S in order to meet the standards of EU-regulation No.10/2011/EC, No. 321/2011/EC, No. 1282/2011/EC, No. 1183/2012/EC and No. 202/2014/EC "Plast material and articles intended to come into contact with food".


  Migration Test Report